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5 Ways to Start Homesteading Today

5 Ways to Start Homesteading Today

When you hear the word “homesteading”, what do you think? Maybe you think that they all live off-grid, or that homesteaders only eat what they grow, or that they have a lot of guns and will shoot you if you come near their property.

Start Homesteading Today

When in reality, homesteading is about living a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Yes, that’s from Google. Homesteading about living better where you are, and becoming more self-reliant. Homesteaders are everywhere! You might be one and not even realize it.

 start homesteading today:

 Start cooking

Make your meals at home. It’s cheaper than eating out and you’ll (mostly) know what’s going into it. Start easing your family out of processed foods—this is something we are still working on. I haven’t completely let go of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, but we threw out the cereal and have been making pancakes (still need to find an alternative to syrup) and homemade pop tarts…but mostly pancakes because they’re the easiest.

 Shop locally

This may or may not be practical where you are. When we lived in Georgia there were tons of local markets where we could buy fresh foods. Where we live now it’s a bit of a drive to get to a farmer’s market, but this is one way you can start homesteading!

Save money

We have a weird money saving system, and basically, all we do is take money out when we go to the store. That’s the easiest way for us to save money.

Set up an emergency plan

I think about emergencies probably more than I should, especially during tornado season. When we have the possibility of severe weather I make sure I have the candles, matches, and flashlights on the island in the kitchen so I know exactly where they are. Or I take a flashlight to bed just in case the power goes out at night because if the power goes out, even at night, my kids will wake up. It’s amazing how much noise our houses make even when everyone is asleep. Anyway, find out common emergencies in your area and make a plan for them!

Set goals 

What do you want in a homestead? Do you want land? Do you want to stay where you are? What kind of animals do you want? Do you even want animals? What do you want to grow?

five ways to start homesteading today

Let me know what you do to homestead daily! Read more ways to start homesteading today here.

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