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Cabbage Broth Sore Throat Remedy

Cabbage Broth Sore Throat Remedy

Cabbage broth. Guys, I know it sounds disgusting, but just hear me out. I’m not sure why everyone hates cabbage, because if you cook it with kalua pork, or corned beef, then it’s like, really good.

But nobody really likes cabbage, which is fine, but just listen okay?

Cabbage broth.

Ugh! I KNOW it sounds icky, but what, are we five? How sore is your throat, and do you really want it to feel better?

Then just give cabbage broth a chance. It’s super easy to make, and really, not disgusting. As someone who really hates chicken noodle soup or chicken soup, this was a perfect replacement. Plus, when you’re feeling sick you really don’t feel like making soup or bone broth. Also, remember to read our disclaimer if you haven’t already.

benefits of cabbage

Benefits of cabbage

  • Has chemicals that help prevent cancer
  • High amounts of Vitamin C
  • Contains Vitamin K
  • Contains sulfur, which I guess makes your complexion awesome.
  • Contains lactic acid (cleanse, anyone?
  • Helps relieve itch skin/eczema (back to the whole complexion thing)
  • Anti-inflammatory

So cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties. And since anything that ends in “itis” means “inflammation of” and the medical term for sore throat is pharyngitis, I just assumed that cabbage would be good for my inflamed throat. Actually, I made the cabbage broth before doing my research; I just thought it sounded like it would be good for my throat. Turns out it was and I guess red cabbage leaves have been used as one of the key ingredients in cough syrup.

So I made myself some cabbage broth. From a “white” cabbage. #allcabbagematters.

Just FYI, white cabbage is just that cabbage you find at the store.

How to make cabbage broth

how to make cabbage broth for sore thoat

Okay, so to make cabbage broth all you need is a head of cabbage, water, and some salt. That’s really it. I mean, I guess you could get fancy and throw some marjoram in there.

I made just a small batch because I knew I was going to be the only one drinking it. I just peeled a few leaves off of the cabbage, crushed them a little bit, stuck the leaves in a pot, covered them with water, and brought it all to a boil. Then I turned off the stove, removed the pot from the heat, and let it sit for 20-30 min because I needed it like NOW. You could let it sit longer. I added (too much) salt the first time, but 1-3 teaspoons depending on taste.


Avoid cabbage if you have goiters, thyroid problems, or take MAOI antidepressants.


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