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Deep Blue essential oil blend: handmade apothecary

Deep Blue essential oil blend: handmade apothecary

The Deep Blue essential oil blend is such a useful blend! Unlike the rest of the oils that come in a kit, this oil comes in a 5mL bottle, but it is powerful.

If you’ve seen my Handmade Apothecary series then you know that people wonder about the cost of DoTerra essential oils; are you really getting your money’s worth? This series will cover the ten most popular oils that come in a kit and will show you how much you can actually do with your 15 mL bottle of essential oil (I’m basing my evaluation on the Home Essentials kit which comes with 10 essential oils in 15 mL bottles, excluding Deep Blue which only comes in a 5 mL bottle. Each 15 mL bottle has approximately 250 drops and a 5 mL has about 85 drops). Be sure to read the disclaimer if you haven’t already!

FYI: this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission without additional cost to you. Basically, it gives me some extra cash to keep this blog running. Thank you for your support! PS. I don’t link to essential oils on Amazon, and this is why.

Deep Blue essential oil blend—handmade apothecary

Some of these DIY will require additional essential oils included in the kit. So when you buy a kit, you can make all of these things without needing to buy more oils. Recipes that include oils that are not included in the kit will be marked with a * and have a variation to suit the oils in your kit.

Salt bath blend: When you’re feeling gross and having difficulty breathing then the Breathe bath blend is for you! You can follow the bath blend tutorial here if you need to, but basically, 1 cup of dead sea salt (optional to add a cup of baking soda), and 10 drops of the Deep Blue essential oil blend. PS. don’t get this in your eyes 😊

DIY Deep Blue salve: DoTerra has a great rub made with Deep Blue, but if you’re not ready to jump on that you can make a Deep Blue salve! Follow the salve tutorial here and just use 30 drops of your Deep Blue essential oil blend.


Deep Blue essential oil blend breakdown

Deep Blue essential oil blend from DoTerra. Great for soothing your tired body. Check out what you can make with this small, powerful bottle.

A bottle of Deep Blue essential oil blend costs $32 (wholesale). There are approximately 85 drops in a 5 mL bottle. IF you made everything in this post, you just used 40 drops of Deep Blue essential oil blend, which means you still have 45 drops left. I like to use this on my hairline when my head starts to hurt or in the car when I start to feel sick.

Just to give you some perspective: I’ve had the same bottle of Deep Blue since December 2016. For me, it’s not one I use every day, even though it is amazing.

And guess what? You don’t even have to make all of these things—just make the ones you want or need! Which one is on your list?

Be sure to check out the whole handmade apothecary series here!


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