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Digestzen essential oil blend: handmade apothecary

Digestzen essential oil blend: handmade apothecary

The Digestzen essential oil blend by DoTerra is great for…supporting digestion 😊 any sort of tummy issues, this is your oil!

If you’ve seen my Handmade Apothecary series then you know that people wonder about the cost of DoTerra essential oils; are you really getting your money’s worth? This series will cover the ten most popular oils that come in a kit and will show you how much you can actually do with your 15 mL bottle of essential oil (I’m basing my evaluation on the Home Essentials kit which comes with 10 essential oils in 15 mL bottles, excluding Deep Blue which only comes in a 5 mL bottle. Each 15 mL bottle has approximately 250 drops and a 5 mL has about 85 drops). Be sure to read the disclaimer if you haven’t already!

FYI: this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission without additional cost to you. Basically, it gives me some extra cash to keep this blog running. Thank you for your support! PS. I don’t link to essential oils on Amazon, and this is why.

Digestzen essential oil blend—handmade apothecary

how long will a bottle of digestzen really last? find out here!

I typically use the Digestzen blend internally or topically. I don’t really diffuse it much.

  1. DIY Digestzen blend roller: This is for easier application rather than having to dilute each time you use it. And this is one I use very often on my kids, so having it in a roller is just convenient for all of us. Then my three-year-old can apply it himself! Simply add 40 drops to a 10 mL roller then fill it almost to the top with a carrier oil. Follow the tutorial here if you need some tips! This is great to have on hand for long car rides as well because some of us (raises hand) can get a little sickly when riding in the car for forever.
  2. Infused molasses: Add 1 drop of Digestzen to a cup of molasses. Molasses is known to help with digestive issues, so you can add this to water and drink it, or just take a spoonful.

Digestzen essential oil breakdown

how long will a bottle of Digetzen essential oil blend last? Find out here

A bottle of Digestzen essential oil blend costs $31 (wholesale). There are approximately 250 drops in a 15 mL bottle. IF you made everything in this post, you just used 41 drops of Digestzen essential oil blend, which means you still have 165 drops left. Guys, that’s way more than half a bottle. There are other ways to use Digestzen that I’ll share later, but for now this is a great start and you still have so much oil left! So much in fact, that you’d have enough for almost seven months even if you used one drop a day. That’s basically forever.


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