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DIY After Sun Spray

DIY After Sun Spray

This DIY after sun spray is seriously so easy to make…and I know I say that about like, all the things, but it really is. You know when you spend too much time in the sun and you get toasted? Well, there are a few oils that are really great for the redness and toasted skin that comes from too much unprotected sun. Ha. SO. My friend Amanda shared this recipe in her group (you can join here!) and though I don’t burn often, I’m excited to try it!

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DIY after sun spray

You’ll need:

  • 8 oz spray bottle (I couldn’t find cheap ones on Amazon, so I got mine here)
  • aloe juice
  • 12 drops lavender essential oil*
  • 12 drops melaleuca essential oil*
  • 5 drops peppermint essential oil*

*I only use DoTerra’s essential oils and this is why. Message me for info on ordering or read the post!

Add your essential oils to your bottle then fill the bottle with aloe vera juice. Spray as needed on your roasted, toasted bod. That’s really it!

Make this DIY after sun spray with essential oils and aloe vera juice so it doesn't trap the heat!

Why I don’t use a carrier oil

You’ll see a lot of after-sun care using a carrier oil (which is different than an essential oil–because essential oils aren’t really oils at all), but guess what? Using a carrier oil can actually trap the heat. If you don’t want to use a aloe juice or a carrier oil apple cider vinegar and witch hazel are also good alternatives.

Why these oils

Lavender is soothing for a number of skin issues like redness, bumps, and itchiness. Melaleuca is great for the same issues and cleansing as well. Peppermint is good for the skin, but also adds a cooling effect.

I’m curious, what do you use after spending too much time in the sun?

Make this DIY after sun spray with essential oils and aloe vera juice so it doesn't trap the heat!


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