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DIY Hair Serum with Essential Oils

DIY Hair Serum with Essential Oils

I love my Root to Tip serum from DoTerra, but I also love this DIY hair serum that I made using the oils from the Home Essentials Kit. It’s super easy to make and I use it a few times a week on the ends of my hair. I’ve noticed that the more I brush my hair from scalp to ends, my ends are healthier because it draws the oil from my scalp down to my ends. This probably isn’t news to anyone else, but it was so surprising to me! But every once in awhile I want to give my hair a little extra support. If you want to learn more about caring for your hair naturally, my darling Kate has a great post about her natural hair-care routine–she talks about oil treatment for her scalp and you can easily use this DIY for the same purpose.

DIY hair serum with essential oils

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DIY Hair Serum with Essential Oils

My mom used to threaten to cut off all my hair when I was younger because I never brushed it…I still never brushed it and she would spend Sundays brushing out all of the knots before church. Because the Lord isn’t going to like knots in my hair 😉 <— joke, but so I wouldn’t look homeless. Basically, things you should know: I’m not a hair freak. I wash it, brush it more than I used to, sometimes try to make it look adorable, and I cut it myself because I don’t like the hairdresser trying to talk to me/they always mess it up so if anyone is going to eff it up it’s going to be me/my favorite hairdresser lives in Colorado. Oh and she does amazing hair and makeup tutorials for regular humans so join her group! Anyway, if you’re a hair stylist the way I “care” for my hair might freak you out. But maybe not. Either way, here is how you make the serum:

You’ll need:

You can make this hair serum completely with sunflower oil or half sunflower oil and half sweet almond oil. Fun fact: not only are sunflowers beautiful, they can also be used as medicineand the oil is good for your hair! Sunflowers/sunflower oil are high in Vitamin E which is needed for hair growth.

Simply add all of your essential oils into the 4 oz pump bottle, then fill the rest with sunflower oil. That’s it!

How to use your DIY Hair Serum

All you need is a dime to nickel sized drop in your hand and rub it into your ends–you can do this after your shower, the day before you wash your hair, or when your hair is looking dry. You can also brush it into your scalp to support healthy growth! Whatever way you choose to use it I usually use it before bed.

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