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DIY Mosquito Away Spray with Essential Oils

DIY Mosquito Away Spray with Essential Oils

No one likes mosquitos…right? Like, I’m pretty sure that I don’t know a single person who is all, “You know what I love? Mosquitos.” No one likes them and we spend countless ways (and money) trying to get rid of them, spraying ourselves with chemicals that don’t even work. I’m not going to name names, but I’m sure a few have popped into your head!

I’ve already shared my super “secret” tick away spray on Instagram, but wanted it in this post too, just in case you’re new and haven’t seen it! If you have just keep scrolling for the DIY Mosquito away spray!

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DIY Mosquito Away Spray with Essential Oils

DIY non-toxic mosquito repellent made with three essential oils

Now I’ll be honest; mosquitos don’t bother me much anyway, so you’ll have to let me know how this blend really works for you!

You’ll need:

Add the essential oils to a 4 oz glass spray bottle, then fill up the bottle with witch hazel. Shake before use and spray as needed while you’re outside!

This is just one of the handmade apothecary things I need for outdoor type things; tick repellent, after-sun spray, owie spray, the blemish blend that doubles as a bite/sting remedy, all the salves, and of course, an all-natural mosquito repellent.

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