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Easy Farm Cheese Tutorial

Easy Farm Cheese Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make easy farm cheese with whole milk, lemon juice, and your favorite spices! Yes, that’s really all you need. Inspired by this tutorial

Bonus: it’s spreadable at room temperature.

 Try adding: 

•Salt (make sure you add this if you don’t use a spice blend. How much you use is up to you)
•Dried red pepper (for spicy cheese!)
•Basil and dried tomato (yuuuuum!)

I use Weber Garlic and Herb spice mix (not affiliated, just LOVE it). You can find it here.

Make sure you SAVE YOUR WHEY because you can use it in place of water when you make the easy artisan bread. It gives it a slightly sour flavor. Or you can give the whey to your animals. My puppy loves it.

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