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Easy Raised Garden Beds DIY

Easy Raised Garden Beds DIY

We made these easy garden beds! We found these blocks from the Home Depot. The blocks have slots where you place your board to make your beds. It’s really that easy! If you don’t have power tools then you can have the Home Depot cut your boards to the length you want. We made our beds 4 feet by 10 feet.

easy raised garden beds easy raised garden beds easy raised garden beds

To make one bed you’ll need:

  • 4 blocks (like these here)
  • 2 10 foot 2×6 treated lumber boards
  • 1 8 foot 2×6 treated lumber board

To level out the beds we just added dirt underneath a couple of the blocks. We got a couple of truckloads of dirt from our local Sutherland’s and filled them up. Our four-year-old loved helping throw the dirt down.

easy raised garden beds

This is what they looked like when we finished them:

easy raised garden beds

I transplanted my lavender and calendula:

easy raised garden beds

To see what these beds look like now make sure you check out this video:


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