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Essential oils for bee stings 

Essential oils for bee stings 

Yes, there are essential oils for bee stings–there is basically an essential oil for anything and everything, and I love it. If you didn’t see already on Instagram, my parents had a bee situation over the weekend. Basically, my mom noticed bees flying into the eaves of their house and none of us really want the bees to be exterminated right?? Especially the honeybee! Now you should know, neither my husband or I are like, professional beekeepers…but we definitely didn’t want all of these bees to be killed and I mean, we had some empty hives at home so we thought we’d try to rescue some of them.

Below is a photo of a drone–the male bee who basically doesn’t do anything except eat and sleep around with the queen. Priorities. But anyway, there were a lot of drones that looked like they had been kicked out, laying all over the porch and porch roof. Normally, the drones are kicked out during the fall because at that point they’re hashtag useless and the girls don’t need extra mouths to feed during the winter. So they get kicked out.

I was curious as to why the drones were being kicked out so early in the spring, and I guess there are a number of reasons why–and I wonder if the colony was getting ready to swarm. Either way, here are some photos:

Like I said, we aren’t professionals and didn’t have much in the way of equipment; a hood, some gloves, and cedar smudge sticks that I thought would produce enough smoke, but totally didn’t. After Nathanael moved the siding this is what we saw:

So beautiful, right?! I mean, super inconvenient that they took up residence in the house, but gorgeous anyway. I am guessing by the darkened comb that the bees had lived there for a few years, but no one noticed because no one was living there for awhile.

Here is Nathanael using the improvised smoker that my brother made:

This is the space that was filled with comb–but it also went over into the stud space next to the hole, so we probably only got about half of the whole hive.

Ideally, you need to find the queen to make the smoothest transition–and we have no idea if we got her or not. However, we did get brood comb, and if there is brood comb, the bees will stay, and potentially make their own queen, which is what we are hoping for (if we didn’t get her). Nathanael attached the brood comb to our top bar hive bars with zip ties and we’ve left them alone for the past few days to get settled. So fingers crossed that everything is going well for them.

Here are some of the bees and comb boxed up in the back of the truck to come home:

First time trying honey comb:

Essential Oils for Bee Stings

Okay so obviously, invading a hive like we did (sorry bees, we really were just trying to save you) we got stung. And by “we” I mean, “mostly Nathanael” since he is the one who did all the work. I got stung once on my thigh (leggings are not appropriate protection against bee stings turns out), and on my head because the bee got stuck in my hair even though it was tied up. They always get in my hair, but I forgot a hood. Nathanael got stung mostly around his wrists (the gloves have vents in them which is great, except you get stung through them) and ankles (my fault, I told him to tuck his pants into his socks, which left the ankle unprotected).

Anyway, I found that a baking soda paste made with water was a really effective first relief.

Then I applied melaleuca, basil, and lavender essential oils to my sting on an area about 3 times bigger than my sting. I did this three or four times a day.

The next day my sting was still itching and irritating so I tried oregano, melaleuca, marjoram, and lemon–2 drops each (diluted), and guess what? I liked this combination so much better! I’m not sure if it’s just me, or everyone, but I found relief a lot quicker with that blend.

So basil, lavender, melaleuca, oregano, marjoram, and lemon are all essential oils I would use for bee stings! What have you used? Remember to pin and share with your friends! Oh and check out these oils that help to repel bugs.




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