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Lady Oils: Essential Oils for your Period

Lady Oils: Essential Oils for your Period

“That time of the month”, “Aunt flow came to visit”, “Satan’s waterfall”, there are so many euphemisms when it comes to menstruation/our periods. I’m really just awful and say things like, “well I’m bleeding out of my vagina so….” Are we ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it, or worried that we’ll gross someone out?

It is what it is, and as rough as it sounds, bleeding out of your vagina once a month is totally natural. Hello, menstruation!

But before we get into “lady oils” or, essential oils for your period, I wanted to talk about Days for Girls. This is an organization dedicated to making sure every girl and woman has access to feminine hygiene because guess what? Not every woman does. And while we have some pretty hilarious ways to say “I’m on my period”, in some countries women and girls say things like:

“I’m untouchable” and “I’m dirty”. 

And it breaks my heart.

While I was at the DoTERRA convention I learned that women and girls in Nepal are forced into huts while they are on their periods as they are seen as unclean, or dirty. These huts are often old cattle sheds, with poor ventilation, and they are not allowed to touch other people, vegetables, fruit, cattle, dairy products, or fetch water during menstruation. Girls have died in these huts, and though the Nepalese government has outlawed them, some men continue to insist that the women and girls use them, and some women use them by choice to “protect” their families, fearing that if they don’t they will anger a god or goddess.

Days for Girls not only provides hygiene kits to our sisters but education to them and their communities as well. They are “dedicated to creating a more free, dignified, and educated world, through providing lasting access to feminine hygiene solutions and health education.”

They have reached 800,000 women and girls, with a goal to reach 1 million by the end of 2017. DoTERRA supports Days for Girls regularly, and while at convention Wellness Advocates were able to put together over 5,000 hygiene kits for this organization in just thirty-six minutes…and the only reason they stopped after that point is because they ran out of supplies! This is just one of the reasons I love DoTERRA so much–they are always helping to make things better for others.

If you’d like more info on how to get involved you can check out the Days for Girls website!

Lady Oils: Essential Oils for Your Period



I haven’t used Midol in five years, and I haven’t used Ibuprofen for even longer than that. But girl, I still get cramps the first day like the devil is tryna drag me down to hell, and if I didn’t have oils I’d be like, FINE I GIVE UP. Diet and exercise (or just like, movement) also play a role in menstruation, but I’m just focusing on oils here. If you want an article about diet and periods then check out this post. It’s important to remember that everyone’s bodys are different and that you may need to try experimenting with a couple of oils to find what works best for you!

Clary Calm: I use DoTerra’s Clary Calm blend every morning and night even when I’m not on my period. I just love it that much. I roll it over my neck, but when I’m on my period I roll it over my lower abdomen and inner/outer ankles for pain relief as those are the reflex points for your ovaries and uterus. Cool right? This blend has clary sage, lavender, bergamot, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, cedarwood, geranium, and fennel essential oils. It’s great for hormone balance and when you’re feeling moody! I also use it for hormonal breakouts by applying it to spots. Seriously so great for heavy periods, PMS, and cramping!


Jasmine: I’ve also been using Jasmine over my heart and on my wrists. This is one of DoTerra’s new oils and I am in LOVE. You can read why on my Instagram post. It is a super-feminine powered oil, great for sadness, anxious feelings, PMS and balancing hormones.


Fun fact: I was born in Long Beach, California. And yes, it is the reason I’m so gangster, in case you were wondering 😘 but really, i only lived there until I was three ish and we moved to Utah when I was four. I think, I can’t quite remember all the details and my mom is busy atm so 🤷🏻‍♀️ but when I smelled this new jasmine oil from dōTERRA I got really excited and said, “this smells like California!! Why does this smell like California?! It has to be Gram. It’s the only way.” Turns out my Gram had what she called night jasmine growing outside her house and though this new jasmine oil comes from a different jasmine plant in a different country the smell is so similar that it took me back a million years. Isn’t that amazing? I learned that our sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than our other senses and most closely associated with memory. Our bodies are awesome. Anyway, jasmine is an incredibly precious oil–it takes 21,000 petals and 1.5 days of work to produce a 5 mL bottle. Because it takes such careful timing and so much plant material Jasmine is one of the most commonly “adulterated” essential oils. In other words, synthetic or with additives similar to jasmine. It’s said that jasmine promotes feelings of freedom and joy and is uplifting when you’re feeling sad. It’s great for your skin, to use as a pure-fume, and good for mood support/pain when you’re in labor, post-labor, and on your period. I like to apply oils to my inner and outer heels when I’m on my period as those are the reflex points for your uterus and ovaries 🌼🌼 I like to think this is a super-powered feminine oil since the women in India where dōTERRA sources this oil are the ones collecting the blossoms in the early morning, putting their love and energy into the blossoms which then make it all the way to us ♥️ So. Basically, I love this oil–and you can get it October 2 in a “touch” roller (pre-diluted to make it more affordable) #growloveoils

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Black pepper + juniper berry: these are my go-to oils for pain when I am on my period. I’m not even sure how I came across this blend, but it’s magic for my body. Black pepper increases circulation (improve circulation to the uterus=healthier flow) and is good for cramping as well. I honestly think I paired it with juniper berry because I love the smell together, but juniper berry is also good for stress and tension as well as stimulating menstrual flow, so I figured it would help. And I’m not lying when I say I experience almost immediate relief and I just use two drops of each in a carrier oil, rub on my lower belly and lower back. AMAZING. LIke I said, movement will also help with circulation/cramping…I know most of the time when I’m in pain I just want to curl up in a ball and basically die, but getting up and moving around actually helps so much…which is also why some doctors will tell you to get up and move when you’re in labor 🙂

Juniper berry: like I said, I use it with black pepper for pain, but it’s also good for breakouts! I apply it undiluted to my hormonal breakouts.

More Lady Oils to Support you on your period

Those are the four main things I use to support my body naturally while on my period, but here are some more options as well:

Deep blue: the Deep Blue products from DoTERRA are amazing. Some people don’t love the smell of Clary Calm, but like how effective it is, so they’ll use Clary Calm, then layer over Deep Blue. This blend is good for any sort of pain on your body–just dilute and apply where needed! If you’re used to taking a pill you can try the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex–great for soreness or discomfort.

Basil: I wouldn’t have ever thought of this! But basil helps with the discomfort associated with menstruation and increases circulation. And I don’t know about you, but I get SO TIRED a few days before I start my period, and basil is great for any sort of fatigue. I like to put a drop of basil and a drop of lemon in my water and drink it throughout the day when I feel like I’m dragging.

Rose: DoTerra will be releasing a Rose Touch roller (pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil) on October 2, 2017. Rose is great for healthy menstruation as well, so apply it to your lower abdomen even a few days before and while on your period.

Ginger: Also good for healthy menstruation as well as cramps!

Roman chamomile: for cramps, irritability, and anger

Cypress: for heavy flow or pressure; apply over uterus

Fennel: this isn’t one that I would naturally think of to help support my body on my period, but it’s great for cramps and supports a healthy flow.

Spearmint: for slow or heavy period–helps to balance it out! Use on lower abdomen, feet, and diffuse.

Lady Oil Blend Ideas

  • My go-to for cramps: 2 drops black pepper + 2 drops juniper berry. Apply to your lower abdomen, lower back, and inner/outer ankles. I apply this as needed the first day! Since basil also increases circulation you could add one to two drops of this as well.
  • Layer jasmine and rose over your uterus and on your wrists for both uterus and mood support
  • Heavy flow: apply clary calm to lower abdomen/uterus, then add two drops of cypress and fennel
  • Feeling tired: dilute two drops of basil and apply to your feet (inhale before applying to your feet too!)

Essential oils for your period--how these oils can naturally support you on your period plus blends!

What are your favorite oils blends for your period? Leave them in the comments for others!



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