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Essential Oils for your Skin

Essential Oils for your Skin

I love essential oils, and I want to share the best essential oils for your skin. Remember that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are from my own research. Be sure to read our disclaimer if you haven’t already!

5 essential oils for your skin and how to use them. Such helpful information!

Essential oils for your skin


I use lavender for everything, but it’s especially good for cuts, scrapes, and burns. It is naturally antimicrobial, which means it kills all of the things. I also use it in my witch hazel toner with lemon essential oil. You can learn how to make it in my free ebook here.


Melaleuca (aka tea tree oil) essential oil is also great for your skin. You can use it on blemishes to reduce redness, but it’s also good for bug bites and stings. Melaleuca is a natural antifungal so it has also been used to treat fungal skin conditions. And when my younger sister stepped on a fishing hook in the garage the other day we cleaned it with some melaleuca and oregano essential oils.


I’ve been using my frankincense essential oil on my face almost daily for a month. I love the way it smells (like a tree 🙂 ), but it also has the potential to reduce age spots or dark spots. Side note: both frankincense and melaleuca are great for your nails.

5 essential oils for your skin and how to use them. Such helpful information!


Before I researched my eBook for this year, I would have never thought to put lemon on my skin. But it turns out, lemon juice is great for your skin and you can even use it on cuts and scrapes. I use it in my witch hazel toner with lavender that you can learn to make in my free eBook here.


I wouldn’t typically think to put oregano on my skin, but let me just say, it is now my go-to oil for blemishes. If you’ve downloaded my eBook for this year you can make your own roller bottle for those super annoying breakouts. I use it 3-5 times a day when I have spots pop up and it helps them go down so quickly! This is one to dilute because it has caustic properties (aka, it will literally burn your face off–slight exaggeration) but it does have the potential to burn your skin if not diluted enough. Oregano is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so diluted would be good for cleaning small cuts and scrapes.


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