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Essential oils and Healthcare: DoTERRA’s Healthcare Initiative

Essential oils and Healthcare: DoTERRA’s Healthcare Initiative

Essential oils and healthcare aren’t normally things you hear in the same sentence. Normally when people hear essential oils they think something like, “those dang hippies”…or maybe that’s just my brother 😉 but whatever. All I’m trying to say is that essential oils aren’t considered like, ever, in health care. Be sure to read the disclaimer if you haven’t already! Word vomit that follows is my opinion and does not represent DoTerra’s stance unless otherwise stated.

I will be 100% honest with you, even at risk of making enemies; aside from being born in a hospital, two-week check up, and an emergency room visit, my children have not been to the doctor. I researched and researched before making the decision to wait to vaccinate my children, and then after further research decided not to vaccinate at all. People think I’m weird for not letting my kids play with kids just hours after they were vaccinated, but it’s fine. If you want to learn more about vaccines check out Kaetlyn’s blog and if you want to send me hate mail you can send it to 😉 We only go to the doctor if we absolutely have because of cost, and because I want to go to a facility where I feel safe taking my children (like, have you heard of medical kidnapping? No thanks). DoTerra is a company that is safe; a company that wants to heal people.

Our healthcare system is failing us, politicians keep messing it up, and DoTerra wants to implement something that will actually help us. 

Why is this even important?

Here are some fun (?) facts for you:

  • The United States spends more money per person on healthcare than any other developed country in the world and it continues to rise every year, yet we have the worst health and highest obesity rate.
  • We have the lowest life expectancy and this is the first time in history that children are expected to die before their parents. Yeah. Generally speaking, our kids’ health is so bad that we’re expected to outlive them.
  • We have the highest infant mortality rate out of all other developed countries
  • Our healthcare costs are rising by 10% every year, while living wages are only rising by 2%
  • According to the Bloomberg Global Health Index, the healthiest country is Italy…the United States is number 34. Guys, we don’t even come close to the top ten.
  • An average doctor sees 900 patients a month, which breaks down to an average of 7 minutes spent with each patient; this makes it pretty much impossible for doctors to really “know” their patients.

Integrating essential oils and healthcare

We can’t rely on politicians to change healthcare…and don’t even get me started on fining people if they don’t have health insurance. BTW, if you’re struggling to afford health insurance I suggest looking at a healthshare (we use this one). Cristin Dickerson uses a ton of big words, but describes perfectly our situation; “The healthcare system, as it is currently conceived, simply isn’t sustainable. Perverse incentive structures coupled with powerfully entrenched third-party interests have created a system that taxes consumers with high, hidden prices and burdens doctors with an inscrutable bureaucracy.” I’m not going to name names, but oh wait, yes I am; MONSANTO. BAYER. Ugh. If you want to learn more about toxins and GMOS and vaccines then check out all of the posts and resources by my girl Kaetlyn.

What if there was a way to add elements of the free market (not controlled by the government), eliminate the middle man, have transparent costs, as well as a holistic/integrative approach and essential oils in a clinic? What if doctors could decide the standard of care that their patients are getting and give more time to their patients? That’s what DoTerra is aiming for and they have started work on their first trial clinic in Pleasant Grove, Utah, set to be finished in 2018.

Basically, what DoTerra wants to do is “Lower healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes by incorporating essential oils and other integrative approaches into the healthcare system”. While at convention Dr. Brannick Riggs said, “healthcare for profit needs to change!” If you agree, then you can help us make a difference and disrupt healthcare naturally!

It’s important to note that as Dr. Riggs also stated, “This is not instead of medicine; this is integrative medicine”. DoTerra’s healthcare initiative takes the best of both eastern and western medicine and combines them into a model that is customer-centered and health-focused.

Not only does DoTerra want to have a patient-centric health model that uses essential oils, they want to publish research that proves essential oils work and are a cost-effective healthcare measure. These clinics will not sell essential oils (they will continue to be sold via wellness advocates like me!), but clinics will provide advice on how to use essential oils properly.

Learn about DoTerra's plan to disrupt healthcare naturally--this isn't to replace medicine, it's to integrate both eastern and western methods into clinics where the doctors can set the standard of care for their patients.

DoTerra Clinic Locations

The “mother-clinic” so to speak is currently being built in Pleasant Grove, Utah (my home state!). And guess what…they want the public’s help in deciding where the next clinics should be. I just find that amazing–you can go to their website and enter in your info to “pre-register” so they know where the clinics are needed/wanted most. I am dying for one to be within an hour of my house (Kansas City, anyone??!) SO if this is something you’d like to see, go register!

So really, if you’d like to see more integrative health options in your area, fill out your info! And as always, message me with your essential oil questions and learn why you should stop buying your essential oils at the grocery store.

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