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FAQs about DoTERRA

FAQs about DoTERRA

You guys. I do the DoTerra thing. I share the oils with you guys because I love them, I use them, and I believe that everyone needs them. There are a few things I wanted to put together in one post for you–(you can read why I chose DoTerra here):


Q: Which company is better, Young Living or DoTerra?

Okay, so both companies are great, both have great products, and both parties are going to tell you that their product is better. That is just the nature of business–no business is going to tell you to go shop somewhere else if they have something that is equally good. So when I’m asked this question, I tell people it’s a matter of opinion.  Then I explain why I chose DoTerra. and it’s not because of the compensation plan.

Q: Why did you choose DoTerra and not Young Living? 

This ties into the first question. I really love DoTerra’s products, and I find them superior to Young Living (my husband grew up with Young Living and finds DoTerra’s oils to be stronger and more potent). But, I chose DoTerra because I love their sourcing model, which they refer to as “co-impact sourcing”. DoTerra finds the plants they want to source in their ideal environment, wherever that may be, partner with the local growers and farmers rather than buying up the land, and make sure they are paid securely, on time, and fairly. This video explains it in a nutshell and is ultimately why I chose them over Young Living:

DoTerra has also partnered with Our Underground Railroad (OUR), which fights to end childhood sex trafficking. Because you guys? That sh*t is real, and it’s scary and hideous and ugly. But there are people working to end it, and DoTerra has an oil blend called “HOPE” and all of the proceeds go directly to OUR.

I also love the community of DoTerra–people are always looking to help, and when you join as a wholesale customer under me, you’ll get additional oil support–I’m not just going to be like, ‘Here are a bunch of oils, good luck figuring it out’. You can read more about the perks of every wholesale customer here, but in addition to that, when you join DoTerra under me you’ll have access to a super cool essential oil app for free, access to an online community of over 1000 members for oil support, and free tips on how to make the most of your wholesale account.

Q: Why do DoTerra’s oils cost more than the ones at the grocery store?

Oh man. Guys, do yourself a favor and never buy oils from the grocery store. This is where you can buy good, quality oils. They are more often than not diluted with carriers, and at times even made synthetically under the guise of a pure oil. Basically, you’ve heard the saying, “You get what you pay for?” It’s the same with essential oils. DoTerra’s oils are high quality which means a higher price point. It is not because they need to pay independent “distributors”. DoTerra doesn’t have independent distributors–someone who has to have inventory and ship it out to people who order–we’re called “wellness advocates” and we have our own sites that you can order through. Though DoTerra is a network marketing company, they try to keep the prices fair for consumers, but also for the company so they can pay themselves and the growers they partner with. Like I mentioned before, it’s the same as any other business 🙂

Q: Are DoTerra’s oils organic? 

Short answer: no, but don’t let that scare you away and here’s why: DoTerra sources their oils in different countries, states, etc. It would be nearly impossible to get certified organic status on every oil. However, we have a six-step testing process that our oils go through to ensure quality and purity (this process is called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® or CPTG for short–this process is not something the FDA has set up or asked us to do, but something DoTerra chooses to do to ensure quality.) The amazing thing about this process is that is that “through the GC/MS analysis process, [DoTerra is] able to determine if any chemical residue exists in the essential oil, such as pesticides, herbicides, extenders, and solvents…If an oil fails the test, specifically pesticides, there is no secondary process for removing the pesticides or foreign matter. The oils failing the test would simply be rejected.” (source). So no, DoTerra’s oils are not organic, but they treat them as if they were.

Q: Why can you use DoTerra’s oils internally? 

Most of DoTerra’s oils and blends can be used internally–not all, but a lot, and you can read my post about it here. You’ll be able to tell if you can use an oil internally based on the supplemental facts on the bottle. Supplemental facts=safe for internal use. No supplemental facts =topical or aromatic use only. You can read more about how the FDA regulates supplements here.

If you have more questions, message me or comment below so I can answer them! For more info on wholesale perks click here, and to Join my Tribe click here.


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