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Five Salves You Can Make with your Home Essentials Kit

Five Salves You Can Make with your Home Essentials Kit

If you’ve ordered your home essentials kit from me, then I’m here to share the five salves that you can make from the oils in your kit! They all look the same, but each has a different purpose. You can follow the video tutorial found here, but basically, each recipe is the same aside from the oils you add.

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Basic Salve Recipe

five different salves you can make with a home essentials kit.

You’ll need:

1/3 c coconut oil
2 tsp raw shea nut butter (unrefined, unbleached)
1-2 TBSP beeswax (for a softer salve use 1 TBSP, stiffer salve use 2 TBSP, for an in-between use 1 1/2)
30 drops essential oils of your choice (use the guide below to decide which one you want!)
3 2 oz tins

All you do is add the first three ingredients to a double boiler (or in my case, a glass measuring cup sitting in a pot of water), and melt them. Once everything is melted, remove it from the heat and let cool for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then add your essential oils!

5 salves you can make with essential oils

Skin Soothing Salve

This salve is great for minor cuts and scrapes. Follow the recipe above then add 10 drops each lavender essential oil, melaleuca essential oil, and frankincense essential oil.

skin soothing remedy salve

Itchy Plant Salve

This salve is great for itchy skin and redness caused by plants. Follow the recipe above and add 10 drops each Lavender, lemon, frankincense, and geranium* (*does not come in the kit–if you don’t have this add an extra 10 drops of lemon).

itchy plant salve made with essential oils. Follow the link to get the recipe and make your own

itchy plant salve, I use this when I get itchy skin from coming in contact with certain plants

Respiratory Rub Salve

This salve is for when you’re having difficulty breathing–I love this when I’m feeling under the weather/feeling affected by “seasonal discomforts“. Follow the recipe above and use 15 drops of the Breathe blend and 15 drops oregano essential oil. I use this on my chest and neck a few times a day.

a homemade chest rub for when you're feeling sick--all natural and so much better than Vicks

Muscle soothing salve

Pretty self-explanatory, but this is great for soothing soreness or even for when you’re feeling uneasy before bed. I just rub it on my feet 🙂 Follow the recipe and use 30 drops of the Deep Blue blend.

DIY muscle soothing salve. Great to put on your feet too when you're feeling restless at night

Funky gunk salve

Sometimes the skin soothing remedy just isn’t enough and you still have a weird, itchy, red skin that won’t go away–try the funky gunk salve! Follow the recipe above and you’ll be using 15 drops melaleuca and 15 drops oregano essential oils. Join my group and you can check out the difference from using this after just one day.

fives salves you can make with essential oils

If you make all of these salves then you’ll have twenty altogether for your handmade apothecary. You can put them in a larger tin if you want, but I like to make smaller ones because I always end up giving one or two away as gifts to people.

Which salve are you most likely to make? Leave a comment, pin it, and share it with your friends who use essential oils!

fives salves you can make with essential oils


five salves you can make with essential oils. they may all look the same but they all have a different purpose! Learn how to make them @folkandco

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