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Foraging Wild Black Raspberries

Foraging Wild Black Raspberries

When I first discovered the patches of berries growing around our property I assumed that they were blackberry bushes. Then I tasted one. Turns out they are just BLACK raspberries! also known as black caps. and they are SO GOOD.

black raspberries

Black raspberries are smaller than blackberries, and when you pick a raspberry it will have a hollow inside. A blackberry will have a soft white core on the inside. The underside of the raspberry leaves will also be a silvery color. This post here has some excellent photos that shows the difference between black raspberries and blackberries.

Watch the video below!

black raspberries

Here are the raspberries ripening:

black cap raspberries

And here they are fully mature:

fully ripe black raspberries

The underside of the raspberry leaves will be a silvery color almost white color, while a blackberry bush will not:

underside of raspberry leaves


We have a bunch more bushes down by the woods, but there is a forest of poison ivy blocking the way. Next year I plant to figure out a way to get to them without getting all the poisons. What are you foraging lately?




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