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Goldenrod Uses

Goldenrod Uses

It’s mid-September and there is goldenrod everywhere, so I thought a post on goldenrod uses might be helpful! Besides, it’s so wonderfully cheery and bright that it’s fairly easy to identify. Its Latin name, Solidago canadensis, stems from the root “to make whole”. So how neat is that? Spoiler alert: goldenrod is super excellent for issues with your bladder or urinary tract, sooo be aware that there is a lot of reference to pee. Sorry, not sorry?


Goldenrod uses

Here are some of the ways goldenrod has been used:

  • goldenrod is a diuretic (aka increases urine output/get rid of excess water)
  • it is also an antiseptic (keeps microorganisms from growing/developing)
  • because goldenrod is an antiseptic and diuretic, the Europeans have used goldenrod to treat bladder infections
  • goldenrod has also been used to treat yeast infection (candida) and you can use the tea as a douche (as recommended by the Germans)
  • it’s also been used to help treat kidney inflammation and help get rid of kidney stones
  • goldenrod is anti-inflammatory (has also been used to treat urinary tract inflammation)
  • it’s also an astringent, so it’s been used to treat wounds. You can infuse it with some oil and make an ointment out of it
  • people have used it as a mouthwash to treat sores/inflammation in the mouth and throat
  • goldenrod helps to stimulate digestion
  • has been used to treat colic
  • to treat diarrhea
  • aaaand the measles. Who knew?
  • goldenrod is also an expectorant (helps to get mucous out)
  • and has been used for eczema
  • Some people have also successfully used goldenrod to combat allergies…but don’t try this if you’re allergic to ragweed or plants in the daisy family. You can read more about it on this blog. I plan to infuse some honey with goldenrod (if you don’t want to wait for the post you can learn how to infuse your own honey in my free remedies guide which you can find here.) I’ll also be making a tincture!
  • Goldenrod can be used in combination with other herbs to fight influenza


Other important things

Avoid goldenrod if you’ve had allergic reactions to plants in the daisy family. As always read our disclaimer and do your own research before using plants. If you enjoyed this post you may also like 10 medicinal plants everyone should grow!

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Put it to use

I’ve put together this video on how to make a goldenrod tincture and how to infuse honey with goldenrod:






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