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How to Harvest Wild Chive Seeds

How to Harvest Wild Chive Seeds

This is a super quick video showing you how to harvest wild chives seeds. If you didn’t know, I’m basically obsessed with wild chives. It’s a flower you can eat, but also pretty??! I die. I love them! Since all of the wild chives are dying off (cry face), I took some blossoms to gather the seeds and see if I can grow them in my house at the end of the summer.

Look how pretty they are:

wild chives at their peak

Now look at them…not as pretty and bleached out by the sun, but so useful!

dying wild chives

How to Harvest wild chives seeds


I just pop off some heads, and store them in a mesh tea ball to catch the seeds. Make sure you choose a blossom that is still mostly closed, otherwise most of the seeds will have already fallen out.

how to harvest wild chives seeds

If there are still chives in your area then make sure you check out my wild chives chicken.

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