Essential oils, herbs, and wild plants for wellness.

Folk and Co. Natural Remedies with Essential Oils

Natural Remedies with Essential Oils

I have a love for making natural remedies with essential oils, herbs, and wild plants for wellness. I’m always trying new things “potions” and my family refers to me as the “witch doctor.” I’ve infused honey with goldenrod, shared 15 ways you can use lavender, created the beginner’s guide to folk remedies, and I’m starting this year with a brand new eBook: the 10 Essential Oils Your Family Needs.

I’ve been using essential oils for over four years from various companies because I thought, ‘an oil is an oil is an oil, they’re all the same.’ I was wrong. When I got some tea tree oil from a nameless company recently I was so disappointed in the quality that I thought to myself, ‘self, stop wasting your money on the cheap oils, and get the good stuff.’ So I got the good stuff and I’m sharing it with you in this eBook.

You’ll learn:

✔ Which 10 essential oils you need
✔ How the plants and oils have been used in past
✔ Ways to use each essential oil today in your home
✔ How to make a salve with essential oils
✔ My favorite tea blends with essential oils
✔ How to get 25% off of these essential oils

There is no better way to start the new year than by learning about essential oils and how they can benefit you and your family. Enter your email below to get your password to download the eBook.

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