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Homestead Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Homestead Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

I’m always looking for new homestead bloggers to follow, and I consider Instagram to be a micro-blogging platform. It’s quick, easy to connect, and most of us check it every day!

People choose to homestead for different reasons. If you’re new to homesteading or even entertaining the idea of homesteading it’s important to remember that there is no “right way” to homestead, and a million (or if you read this post, ten) ways you can start homesteading today. If homesteading is a lifestyle you’re interested in then I would like to introduce you to 9 ladies you should be following on the Instagram. PS. Not all of them have blogs outside of Instagram, but like I said, I consider Instagram a blog.

Homestead bloggers:


She’s one of the first ladies I followed on Instagram, we’re basically kindred spirits, is a mermaid, and she just got the most gorgeous tattoo ever. Her insta is uplifting and she likes to trade books. She’s also trying her hand at hay-bale gardening this year and she even got bees. How gorgeous is this photo??!


Oh, and she was featured on I am a Modern farmer so check out her Q+A here!


I recently started following Brianne and have decided that she’s a canning goddess. My husband bought me a pressure canner for mother’s day, but I have yet to use it for two reasons: one, I haven’t grown enough of anything to be able to can it, and two, because I’m afraid! Brianne shows both the good and the bad of homesteading, like how her potato harvest was a success, but the cows ate all but one of her sunflowers.


She’s an unschooling mom in Canada and currently “building tiny”, aka building a tiny home from salvaged materials no less. She’s also learning to can and posts pretty photos of food:


You can find her blog here!


Also from Canada, Hadleigh has a habit of rescuing animals to bring to her farm. You’ll find photos of food, chickens, pigs, and fishing!

Because who doesn’t love a pig snout ♡ #potbelly #pig #rescue #pigsnout

A photo posted by ℒ ive ℒ augh ℱ arm ( on


Flowers. Always and always. #freshcutflowers #wildflowers #bouquet #handpicked #justbecause #naturesbeauty #friday

A photo posted by ℒ ive ℒ augh ℱ arm ( on

And I’m totally jealous of her hair. Find her blog here!


Clare (such a classy name) is part of Mulberry Stained Farm and runs their Instagram for the family. She’s always helpful if you have a question about the animals and at 17 she’s already figured out that her dream is to be a homesteader. It took some of us a lot longer (raises hand).



Tara is also one of the first homesteaders I followed on Instagram, and I’m pretty sure she’s one of the toughest, kindest people I’ve met on Insta. She puts goats in her minivan (okay, not on purpose), started up a barter tag called Trade Me Thursdays, grew a million tomatoes this year, and also falls into the category of canning goddess.

Some quick garden picks before i started sweating profusely.

A photo posted by Tara Maldonado (@honeypepperhomestead) on

Today’s beautiful haul.

A photo posted by Tara Maldonado (@honeypepperhomestead) on

You can find her blog here.


Her photos are always gorgeous. If they don’t make you want to homestead I don’t know what will. That’s basically all I have to say about that! She gardens, raises chickens, a pig, and darling children.


Her blog is here.


Different than Tara, here is another Tarah with an h. She lives in Utah (my home state!), and has an urban garden oasis complete with chickens.


She builds things, like her tiny house and art studio, gardens, raises animals, lives off-grid, and speaks to wildlife, which means she’s basically magic. She told her friend in another article that, “birds build nests, people should build their homes too.” She is just one of the sweetest souls on Instagram.

You can read more about her tiny house adventures here.

Who are your favorite lady bloggers? I’d love to connect with more of you!

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