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How much land do you need to homestead?

How much land do you need to homestead?

You may be wondering, “how much land do I need to start homesteading?” The answer to that question depends on the answer to this question: how much land do you want and what are your  homesteading goals?

Do you want to produce 50% of your food? More? Be completely sustainable on yourself for your food supply? Do you want to be off-grid completely? These are the questions that will help you decide how much land you really need to start homesteading.

 I have a favorite book. It’s called The Backyard Homestead and in it you can learn about starting your own backyard homestead. Hence the title. This book holds all of the secrets to the universe. Or maybe just the homestead universe. Either way, it is one of my absolute faves, I’ve marked a million things, and will refer to it from this moment on as my “garden bible”. From just a quarter of an acre you can harvest:

How much land do you need to homestead?

How much land do you need to homestead? homestead on a quarter acre infographic

  • 1,400 eggs

  • 50 lbs of wheat

  • 60 lbs of fruit

  • 2,000 lbs of veggies

  • 280 lbs of pork

  • 75 lbs of nuts

Obviously, the numbers can vary due to how much you plant, what the weather is like, etc. But to harvest that much you’d need a variety of fruit and nut trees, 12 4×8 ft vegetable beds (or about 384 sq feet of plant-able garden space), 12 chickens, two beehives, two pigs, and a few rabbits (if you plan to eat them).

How awesome is that?! If you need help figuring out how much to plant for your family, there is a chart here,  or you can read this post here. 

We just got our first chickens a couple of weeks ago!

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  • The Backyard Homestead is one book on the topic of homesteading that I have not read. I have picks it up several times to look at but never committed to buying it. If you are interested in some additional resources on the topic I did a review of some of my favorite homesteading, back to the land type publications on my blog that you might find helpful. Good luck!

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