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How to Make a Roller Bottle Blend

How to Make a Roller Bottle Blend

I did a quick Facebook live the other day showing you how to make roller bottle blends…it’s one of my favorite things and I don’t know why! They are just fun to use and it is a super easy way to add all of your favorite essential oils into one bottle for easy application.

How to make a roller bottle blend

Here is the replay from my Facebook live on my group (you can join here!)

You’ll use about 30-40 drops of essential oil–put the essential oils in first then add the carrier oil.

Aaaaand that’s really it. It’ super simple and if there is an exact science to making your roller blends I don’t know about it soooo. If you want to add more than 30 drops of essential oil go for it. This is just what I do.

Some things to note:

Some of my favorite roller blends are:

Period pain support blend

30 drops cinnamon essential oil with black cumin oil. Most of my blends use sweet almond oil, but this is the only one where I use black cumin. I use this for when I’m having cramps, period pain, lower back pain, basically PAIN. I apply it to my lower back, up my spine a bit, and across my lower belly.

Mood support blend

I originally made this blend with 15 drops frankincense, 10 drops lemon, and 5 drops wild orange with sweet almond oil. When I’m feeling like a basket case I will use this on my neck and wrists. Before I was using the roller I was using 1 drop of each in my palm and inhaling.

Breakout blend

20 drops oregano, 10 drops lemon, 10 drops melaleuca with sweet almond oil for breakouts. When I make this blend again I will also be adding 1o drops melaleuca and 10 drops lemon.

Blends for kids

This is different for every child, but pretty simple too–just take whatever oils you use regularly on your kid and add them to a roller. Super simple. To make applying oils at night on my boys I just did three equal parts of lavender, Digestzen, and On Guard (10 each) with sweet almond oil.


What is your favorite blend?


Learn how to make your own roller bottle blends with this post and a quick Facebook Live tutorial replay. Three of my favorite blends, and how to make your own from your favorite essential oils.
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