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10 Medicinal Plants Everyone Should Grow

10 Medicinal Plants Everyone Should Grow

I’ve compiled a list of 10 medicinal plants everyone should grow. We live in zone 5, so these plants fall somewhere around there. Make sure you check that theses plants can grow in your zone. If you don’t know your zone you can check here.

10 Medicinal Plants Everyone Should Grow


Because it’s good for so many things. Check out 20 uses for echinacea here. Zones 3-8.


I had no idea that sunflower could be used as medicine. Read how here. Zones 4-9.


Aside from the fact that they look like adorable miniature daisies, chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been used to treat digestive problems, anxiety, fever, and fight infections. Zones 3-9.


The health benefits of lavender include its ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems. The Latin name of lavender is Lavare, which means “to wash”, due to its aroma which has a particularly clean aroma. Lavender oil is extracted mostly from the flowers of the lavender plant, primarily through steam distillation. The flowers of lavender are fragrant in nature and have been used for making potpourri for centuries. Traditionally, lavender essential oil has also been used in making perfumes. The oil is very useful inaromatherapy and many aromatic preparations and combinations are made using lavender oil. The various health benefits of lavender include the following: Bug repellent, sleep, nervous system, acne, urine flow, respiratory disorders, hair care, cancer, blood circulation, digestion, immunity, general skin care, and more. #lavender #nature #ornamental #flower

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Lavender is good for all the things, especially for skin conditions and to boost your mood. Zones 5-9.


One of our favorite moments of the year – the milky oats harvest. We grow oats (Avena sativa) every year and anticipate the week in July when the grain contains a milky sap, before it hardens to the grain we eat as oatmeal. As a family, we head to the garden and run our hands up the stems to pop the milky oats into the palms of our hands, adding each handful to the gathering basket. Milky oats are most often tinctured to preserve their medicine but we also love milky oats dried for tea/infusion along with the stem, or oatstraw. Dried milky oats are so pretty in tea blends. Milky oats and oatstraw are our go-to nervine for anxiety, nervousness, and overwhelm, and are so nutritive and mineral-rich. Their calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B feeds and soothes nerves, and we crave their mineral goodness in super infusions. #milkyoats #myherbalstudies #herbalacademy #avenasativa

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Harvest oats when they are “milky”, aka full before it hardens into the oatmeal we eat. It’s a good additive for soaps as it is soothing for the skin. Oat straw tea has also been used in conjunction with other herbs as an antidepressant. Zones 3-9.

Eastern Prickly pear

I didn’t think you could grow prickly pear up where we live, but you can! And you can use the pads for medicine; good for burns (much like aloe vera), snake bites, and just a good plant to have around. Zones 4-11.

Blue Vervain

Purple medicine making kind of day. And the weather is just the most perfect it could possibly be.

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Vervain is used for a number of ailments including cold, digestive problems, depression, menstrual cramps, fever, and migraines (which I get and hate). You can also use it externally to treat wounds and acne. Zones 4-8.


Calendula is an antiseptic (prevents the growth of microorganisms). It is anti-inflammatory, great for skin, and has been used to treat wounds, sunburns, rashes, shingles, and sore throat. It can also help to lower fever. Zones 3-9.


This plant caught my eye because it grows pretty tall and has a spike of yellow flowers. Since it’s good for asthma and other ailments it is a must in my medicinal garden. Read more about what you can do with mullein here and make a loose leaf mullein tea blend for asthma here. Zones 3-9.


Rosemary is one of my new favorite plants. This is the first year that I’ve grown rosemary (I bought a starter and kept it alive). I just cut off the tops and put the cuttings in water, so we will see if they root! Rosemary grows as a perennial in zones 7-10, but where we live it is best to grow it in pots and take it indoors in winter. Or if you’re me, leave it inside all the time so your dog doesn’t dig it up again. Anyway, rosemary is good for inflammation, joint pain, depression, wounds, and even cancer has been treated with it.

There are so many uses for plants! Here are 10 medicinal plants that everyone should grow
What plants would you add to the list?




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