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Red Clover Uses + Forage

Red Clover Uses + Forage

Who knew that red clover was edible, let alone has medicinal benefits? Not I! Make sure to read my disclaimer if you haven’t already.

forage red clover and red clover uses

But apparently, it does. My sister and I did a taste test (next time we try something we will video it). We even got our mom to taste some! Spoiler alert: the blossoms taste like honeysuckle.

forage red clover and red clover uses

Notice the leaves have a lighter green “V” shape (or some call it a “crescent”) on all three of the leaves.

forage red clover and red clover uses

Red Clover Uses

Here are some things that you can use red clover for:

  • it is entirely edible and is considered a “survival” food. Because I guess not all of it tastes awesome. I tried some of the leaves last night, and they were meh. Not horrible, nothing awesome, but the next time I will try smaller leaves because they usually taste better.
  • red clover has been used to treat cancer
  • it’s been used to treat whooping cough and other respiratory problems (coughs, colds, bronchitis)
  • it can help clear the lungs of mucous
  • can help reduce menstrual and menopausal symptoms
  • red clover can help treat skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema

Cautions: avoid if you are pregnant or on blood-thinners. Obviously, talk to your physician if you have questions.

I’m currently making a tincture for my apothecary cabinet. Have you tried red clover? What do you use it for?

red clover tincture



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