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Summer DIY with essential oils

Summer DIY with essential oils

If you’ve been following along with the handmade apothecary series then you’ve probably seen a few of these Summer DIY you can make with your essential oils. I’ve put them together in one post for you so it’s easier to find!

Summer DIY with essential oils

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DIY mosquito away spray

You can find the full tutorial here, but this is super easy to make and if you have the family or home essentials kit you already have all the oils you need!

DIY mosquito away spray for summer

DIY tick away spray

I’ve posted about this on Instagram, and it seriously saves my sanity. Even my five year old loves this stuff and he’s always reminding me, “Don’t forget the tick spray!” before we go outside. Try it, you won’t regret it (this uses rosemary essential oil which doesn’t come in a kit, but totally worth adding to your collection).

DIY Owie spray

I love this spray! It’s amazing! If you join my Facebook group you can see a difference in my son’s scrape after just a couple of hours. Super handy for those owies that your kids don’t want you to touch! You’ll need a 2 oz spray bottle. Add 10 drops of melaleuca then fill the rest of the bottle with witch hazel. Shake before use and spray on the “owie” area. Spray liberally on any reddish areas during the body’s natural healing process as well.

DIY owie spray with just two ingredients

DIY skin soothing salve

I used this salve on my son’s chin after he split it open on the floor (again, if you’re in my Facebook group you can see progress photos!) Like, so bad I thought he was going to need to be sewn up, but this salve seemed to help support the skin! Follow this tutorial.

skin soothing remedy salve

DIY itchy plant salve

You know when you come into contact with a plant and it causes all sorts of redness and bumps and itchy-ness? For me it’s pretty much any type of prairie grass or pollen, but also poison ivy–anyway if you have issues with itchy plants then you need this salve! Follow the tutorial here.

skin soothing remedy salve made with essential oils

DIY bug bite remedy

I make this roller blend with oregano, lemon, and melaleuca essential oils for breakouts on my face, but it also doubles as a bug bite/sting roller! I love it! Follow the “blemish” blend recipe here.

DIY after sun spray

You know when you get all red from too much unprotected sun? (LOL, jokes), but really. You got toasted and now you’re all red and your skin is FIRE. You need this after sun spray. This spray uses aloe vera juice rather than an oil, because oils (not essential oils) can trap the heat making you feel worse. More details and how to make it here.

DIY after sun spray when you get burned from too much unprotected sun ;)

If you’re looking to buy essential oils, but don’t know where to start then check out this post. And if you make any of these, share with me on Instagram by tagging @folkandco 

Check out these summer DIY with essential oils. great for camping, the beach, gardening, anything outdoors!

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