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This Good Earth

This Good Earth

Sometimes I like to think I write poetry, but really it’s mostly just thought vomit spewing itself onto paper. And I’m okay with that. But sometimes, I like to think that other people like to read what I’ve thought. I try to write a bit in the morning before my kids wake up, using writing prompts found on Pinterest. This particular poem came from one of those prompts.

In the morning she sighs, 
and in a single breath comes alive; 
all the rivers, lakes, and seas,
mountains, deserts, and trees, 
this Good Earth
keeps giving to me.

The other day I was out looking at our blackberry canes and turned around to see a faded Monarch flying around to the same few plants. I thought I was seeing things because it is far too early to be seeing Monarchs in Missouri. But, I got closer and realized that I actually wasn’t that crazy and that yes, I was seeing a Monarch. She had found milkweed that was only a few inches tall and was (frantically?) laying eggs. She was laying multiple eggs per plant, which I later learned means that there is likely something wrong with the female and she is trying to get as many eggs out as possible. I don’t think it really hit me until later, watching her struggle to fly from plant to plant, laying eggs, what a magical and tragic moment it was. Literally giving her babies a chance at life even though she was about to lose hers. It reminded me so much of my sister.

I’ve had a love of butterflies since like, ever. I guess my nickname when I was younger was “butterfly”, and it wasn’t because I was like super pretty or something, but because I was just kind of “flying” off in my own little world I guess. Anyway, I’ve been curious as to how I could make a giant butterfly habitat on my homestead…so when I saw that this mama monarch was laying her last eggs I decided I would take them in and see if I could give them a greater chance of survival. Because really, guys, there is like no milkweed around right now. I don’t even know how she found these. Nature is amazing.

It’s been a few days, so we’ll see if the mama monarch was laying fertilized eggs or not soon.

Now, in honor of Earth Day, here is a photo dump of a bunch of earth-love photos that you may or may not have seen on Instagram:


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