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Three Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are three ways to use essential oils: topically, aromatically, and internally. I use every method but probably use essential oils topically the most. Also, if you haven’t read our disclaimer yet you can read it here.

Three ways to Use Essential oils


This is simply using a carrier oil to put the essential oil on the surface of the skin. I typically apply the essential oil to the area that needs support (head for head tension, stomach for upset, chest for clear airways, etc.) When it comes to essential oils it is better to use less oil many times throughout the day. For example, 1-2 drops of Breathe 3-4 times per day when you’re having respiratory difficulties. Essential oils work differently than conventional medicines and supplements. With those, we often take one large dose for the entire day. When using essential oils, you typically will use smaller dosages throughout the day.


Inhalation is probably the most common form of essential oil use. You can diffuse the essential oil on a leather cuff, in a water diffuser (the essential oil molecules attach to the water and release into the air), or simply add a drop or two to your hands, hold to your nose and inhale.


This is the third method of use that often brings up a debate. I’m one of those people who feel that proper internal use of essential oils is a good thing. There are a few ways to use essential oils internally that you can read about here in depth, but basically; veggie capsules, in water, and on occasion, I add a drop under my tongue. Read more about internal use and safety here.

If you’re new to taking essential oils internally you may want to consult your primary care provider before doing so. When you decide to take essential oils internally, it is wise to start with one oil to see how you handle it. Taking too many essential oils internally at one time can have negative effects. As a young-ish, healthy person I started with one drop of lemon in my water every day for a week. I don’t use essential oils in my water every day, but I know some people who do and have no problems. It just depends on the person and your comfort level. On occasion I will put a drop of On Guard underneath my tongue when I start to feel sick.

What is your favorite way to use essential oils?

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