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Training Chickens

Training Chickens

Training chickens was something I thought was going to be really difficult. I reached out to my friends on Instagram and asked how they all trained their chickens. Almost everyone responded with FOOD. Chickens live to eat…and give eggs, but it’s still too early for our chickens to be laying. Anyway, here is how I started training our chickens:

Training Chickens to come when called

  1. Choose a call. I went with the call “Ladies” like my friend Tarah, who uses the same call. My aunt, Mashaide, from Creative Mommas said she just uses a certain noise, and Sharon “clucks”.
  2. Feed them when you use your call and use the call while they eat. The chickens will start to associate you with food. Most of the time when I come outside they will start running towards me. And really you guys, I’ve only been at this for two weeks. It doesn’t take long!

Some of them are still wary about people, maybe because we didn’t pick them up enough? I’m not really sure…possibly because my kids chase them even though I yell at them not to.

training chickens

Training chickens to come into the coop at night

The first couple of nights we put our chickens in the coop around 6pm, but this meant we had to call them, then try and chase them all in. My husband is super fast, and that is the only reason we got the chicks in at that time the first few nights. And I was like, we can’t do this every night, that’s crazy. So we decided to just let them stay out until dusk, right before sunset. We went out and all but one were back in the coop. After a few minutes, the last one went into the coop. It was like magic. Ever since then I just set an alarm on my phone for around 8:30 pm and go out to shut the coop. So here is the secret to training your chickens to come into the coop at night: you don’t. 

training chickens

If you’re looking to get started with chickens check out this post here to find out what you need!

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