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Hello Darling!

I’m Alisha, and I started building my essential oils business with DoTerra in January 2017. I’ve been a huge fan of essential oils for like, ever, that seemed like the perfect way to start the new year. With the help of my growing team, I reached what was originally my year goal in just nine months. I was able to walk the stage at DoTerra’s annual convention as a Silver leader my first year! I love the way our team empowers and supports our tribe of wild mamas and healers–you can find us on Instagram @lovewildtribe or on our website.


Warning ⚠️ feels ahead: so all of July I had a special goal set in my oils business–to reach “Silver” by my sister’s birthday. I’ve talked about her before, but if you’re new you might not know about her. She’s the oldest out of 8 kids (I’m right after her). She’s the one who taught me how to dance in the kitchen (thus opening my tendency to dance ANYWHERE), the one who always made me feel beautiful even when I didn’t, was always jealous of my hair, always told me I could do anything, didn’t ever make me feel like a dummy when she graduated high school at 16 then went off to get a law degree by 21, and always looked for happiness despite all her struggles. She passed away unexpectedly 4 years ago coming up on August 10 due to HELLP Syndrome. Guess what? Today is her birthday and last night i officially hit my goal. I couldn’t have done it without my tribe of wildflowers and I couldn’t have done it without all of you who enrolled this month or ordered from me. You’re all so amazing and it’s the best birthday present I could give her ✨❤️ I am so grateful for you 🙏🏼 and I’m hoping to get some fun things planned for this month! Until then we’re going to go celebrate @ldslawgirl with a cupcake 🎂 #growloveoils

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We are always looking to expand our tribe so if you love essential oils and share oils earn some side cash then you’re in the right place! You don’t have to have any experience! We have free tools, Facebook groups with self-care and business training (specifically for growing your business through Instagram), as well as monthly training calls. You’ll also have access to one-on-one training with me and access to our members-only oil education and support group with almost 2,000 members!

Benefits of sharing oils as a wellness advocate with DoTERRA

As a wellness advocate you can start building your brand with DoTERRA. When you sign up as a Wellness Advocate you:

  • get 25% off of all products and
  • your own DoTERRA website that people can order from
  • you earn loyalty reward points that you can use to get FREE product by ordering each month on and LRP order (more details are here)
  • you also earn shipping reward points that you can use to get FREE product (yeah, you pay for shipping, but you also get all of those dollars spent on shipping back in points!)
  • as well as access to our business groups on Facebook with more free tools and a free course on how to build your tribe with Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to order monthly? How much do I order?

As a wellness advocate, you do have to order a minimum of 100 pv (product points) each month. This is basically $100 in essential oils and qualifies you to be paid commission.

Can I sign up as a wholesale customer instead, then become a wellness advocate later? 

Absolutely! If you want to try out DoTERRA’s oils without the stress of “selling” right away then sign up as a wholesale customer (details here), then “upgrade” for free later!

How much money can I earn? How long will it take?

Basically, what you earn and how quickly you progress is up to how much time and effort you’re willing to put into building your brand and business, but here is a quick breakdown of income potential and how long it takes to reach on average*:

potential earnings with DoTERRA

*Note that these are average earnings and will vary based on your commitment to your business and customer retention.

Why DoTERRA over some other company? 

I want you to be completely comfortable in your decision and the essential oil company you choose. I will tell you that the main reason I chose DoTERRA over any other company (aside from quality) is for how they ethically and sustainably harvest their oils through what they call “co-impact sourcing”. You can watch a couple of my favorite videos below:

Do I have to order a kit?

You don’t, but I highly recommend you do! I started with the Home Essentials kit, but also recommend the Family Essentials kit. These give you the 10 most popular oils and blends from DoTerra for the best price.

How do I actually earn money?

Basically, you can earn commission three ways, and this video explains it the best. It’s a bit confusing at first so don’t worry if you don’t catch everything the first time!


How to sign up:

Ready now? Click this link and follow the steps below:

  1. Scroll down and click “join”
  2. Click “Wellness Advocate”
  3. Enter information
  4. Order (I suggest the Home Essentials or Family Essentials kit)

After you’re enrolled I’ll add you to our business groups and reach out to see how I can best help you.

Send me a message on Instagram for the fastest response to your questions! 

Questions? Send me an email!

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Tribe Leaders:

Our team is continuing to grow! Meet some of the ladies sharing essential oils as a business:

Amanda: @foxhollow_essentials

Adelyn: @thesaltyoiler

Laura: @nurturing.simplicity

Baylie: @themountainhoney

Carey: @hawriverhomestead

Tori: @newriverco

Lisa: @thepetiteplantation

Grow in love and oils.






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