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How I Use Essential Oils Daily: a day in my oily life

How I Use Essential Oils Daily: a day in my oily life

I use essential oils daily and at times I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland when I realize that I’ve used at least 6 essential oils before noon…you know how she says, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”… That’s me, but about oils.

Sometimes I’ve used as many as 6 oils before breakfast…sometimes more if we’re being honest. And if you have essential oils you should be using them daily too!

Why you should use essential oils daily

Essential oils aren’t just a cool fad…I mean they are, but they’ve also been used for mental, physical, and spiritual support for like, ever. The thing about oils is that you use small amounts throughout the day or week to help keep your body together–you don’t wait until you break to start using oil (though you can start using them when you’re broken, I just suggest maintaining your health rather than trying to fix it once it goes downhill.)

My oily routine

Here’s a look at a typical day in my oily life:


6:30 am. I’m basically up by now, but my alarm was 100% going off at six. So I rub my eyes a billion times, reach over to the dress by my bed and use the Balance blend on my wrists, neck, and nose (it’s now my go-to chill oil, plus, I just love the smell). Then I sit in bed for the next 10-30 minutes in my gratitude journal, reading, and going through the Instagram until my kids come up the stairs either laughing or crying. It really depends on the day.

7:15 am. I start diffusing downstairs–I have some springtime diffuser blends that I’ve been using and “forest sunshine” is my favorite at the moment (douglas fir and lemon). Then depending on how a mess my kitchen is (aka if it’s not), then I’ll make some tea (either this detox one or lately I’ve been using ginger essential oil with turmeric, honey, nutmeg, and coconut milk)

8:00 (ish) am. I wash my face with my lavender essential oil/sweet almond oil face wash…which I need to make more of btw. Brush my teeth with my essential oil toothpaste (has the On Guard blend in it), use my face toner (tutorial to make your own here), and then use my frankincense/sweet almond oil “moisturizer“. If I have some spots/blemishes I’ll use my roller blend of lemon, melaleuca, and oregano essential oils on those–I’ll also run it down my neck from my ears depending on how congested I’m feeling–so this is more of a tri-weekly thing. (Are you keeping track? Because I think we’ve already passed six oils here…just call me Alice). Assuming I brush my hair I also use my root to tip serum with essential oils on the ends of my hair.

Probably sometime between 8 am and 9 am.At some point, I’ll remember to get dressed and put on my leather diffuser cuff (everyone who joins my team wholesale or otherwise gets one) and use one two oils on there. My oldest isn’t in school yet so we just kind of chill, but no promises that I’ll actually have my bra on when it’s time to drop him off in the mornings.

Again, at some point. I’ll clean my kitchen or something with my vinegar and lemon essential oil cleaner. Seriously the easiest thing and non-toxic. Like, I can hand it to my five-year-old to clean his room with it and when he decides it’s hilarious to spray his little brother in the face with it I don’t have to call poison control. BTW, yes, this has happened.


1 pm. Now that it’s warm we’re going out to play more…but like, in the afternoon because now that it’s been warm 50 degrees feels like 32. So before we go out I spray us all down with my DIY tick repellent with rosemary essential oil because those things are the devil himself. If my kids are asleep I’ll sneak out and go watch my bees (and if I do this then I’m using peppermint, rosemary, and wild orange). Any weird cuts, bumps, or bites and we’ll use melaleuca.

3 pm. I’m probably feeling sleepy (like most of us around this time; thanks, circadian rhythm), so I’ll put some peppermint on my neck and around my hairline. Or some Past Tense blend (like today) because my five year old asked me for “an oil that makes me not tired”, and I was like, ‘hey, let’s try this’. If I’ve been doing physical labor (like planting things) then I’ll use my Deep blue rub.

4 pm. This is near my breaking point in a day where my kids have been…well kids, so the Lord gave us frankincense and I’ll use a drop of that with some lemon and wild orange if I’m feeling patient (roller blend here).

5 pm. By now the husband is home and chances are he’s like, ‘this is happening with my body’ and then I’m like, ‘well go use this oil for that’, and then he does.


6 pm. I’ll remember to turn on the diffuser again with a spring blend.

Sometime between 7 and 8 pm. Our kids will be getting ready for bed. My five year old loves to turn on his diffuser which he sometimes calls his “confuser”. We diffuse vetiver (2), cedarwood (2), and lavender (1) pretty much every night. When I’m being an excellent mom I’ll remember to use the DigestZen blend on my two year old.

After 8 pm. I’ll start to get ready for bed, but won’t actually go to bed until after 10. I’ll shower and use the Breathe blend in the shower to help open up my chest and promote lymph circulation (I think it helps), and use my coffee ground/sweet almond oil exfoliator scrub made with geranium, vetiver, and lavender essential oils. Then after I’ll use my breast balm, then use the root to tip serum again on my damp hair, and my frankincense face serum.

When I finally go to bed. Depending on the weather/season I’ll use my deep moisture face cream with frankincense, lavender, and melaleuca essential oils. Then I use Balance again with lavender on my feet and under my nose to help me get a more restful sleep.

That’s it! A day in my oily life. What oils do you use the most?



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