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Uses for Dandelion

Uses for Dandelion
Dandelions are more than just a pesky weed and are considered to be more nutritious than spinach! They even have more Vitamin A than carrots and are high in potassium. And if you still hate them, you can thank the Pilgrims for bringing them over on purpose.

Dandelion leaves taste best when small. If you decide to eat the leaves in spring they will need to be blanched (immersed in boiling water for a second) to reduce the bitterness, or you can wait until fall when the bitterness has gone away naturally. Maybe I’ll try making an omelet with dandelion greens…hmmm. If you don’t use the leaves right away you can store them in the refrigerator just like a normal salad. Oh, and you can eat the roots like a vegetable or roast them in your oven to use as a (non-stimulating) coffee replacement!

Dandelion flowers can be made into dandelion wine, which just sounds super fancy. “What would you like to drink? We have water or dandelion wine.” You can find a recipe here. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s like really alcoholic or if it’s just a cute name, so if you know let me know! I’m wondering if you can just make dandelion infused water/juice stuff..we will see!


Dandelions have been used medicinally:

  1. to encourage digestion

  2. as a laxative to relieve constipation

  3. to prevent and treat gallstones

  4. for colds

  5. bronchitis

  6. mastitis

  7. urinary tract infections

  8. various infections (usually combined with other herbs)

  9. to fight inflammation (whenever you see something that ends with “itis” that means “inflammation of” so that makes sense)

  10. to relieve water retention

  11. to treat the liver

  12. for “stubborn skin disease in combination with burdock”

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  • If there was a love button I would hit it! I love Dandelions and few people share my enthusiasm. We make amazing dandelion wine. (recipe on my blog page) the kids love dandelion tea. My dad spent years trying to rid our farm of them. He finally won the battle, but now that we live here on our family farm , my kids want to replant the dandelions…..I think my dad might actually have a heart attack!!! Great article!

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