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14 Uses for Mullein

14 Uses for Mullein

There are a lot of uses for mullein, and many involve the respiratory system. Mullein is a biennial plant (it dies after two years), and even though it’s really common in Missouri, it is not a native plant. Mullein is also known as donkey ears, bunny ears, or bull’s ears because the leaves of the plant are sort of oblong and SO soft. I guess it’s sometimes also called “old man’s flannel” which is just adorable.

mullein uses for mullein

Uses for Mullein

  1. Mullein has been used forever in treating asthma. Native Americans would make a smoking blend of mullein and coltsfoot that was used to help treat asthma as well as bronchitis. As an expectorant, it promotes secretion of the air passages.
  2. It’s also good for treating congestion, coughs, whooping cough,and hay fever.
  3. It’s been used to treat tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases
  4. Mullein is also used to treat inflammation and wounds. It’s an astringent so it tightens the tissue which can reduce bleeding and oozing.
  5. It softens skin
  6. The flowers have been used to create a pale yellow dye and it was used as blonde hair dye
  7. Mullein was once used to treat leprosy
  8. The flowers have been used to relieve migraines
  9. The flowers have also been infused in oil to treat ear infections
  10. Mullein helps the skin absorb other herbs
  11. A mullein poultice has been used for arthritis
  12. Mullein tea has been used to treat diarrhea
  13. Compresses have been used to treat hemorrhoids
  14. The stems and leaves were used to create candlewicks at the end of the growing season

flowers from mullein are used to treat ear infections mullein uses for mullein

The flowers don’t seem to bloom at the same time which is a tiny bit frustrating, just because I don’t have any growing in my yard. If I did it wouldn’t be a problem to go out and collect a few every day. My sister-in-law has a ton of mullein in her front yard, so we stopped on our way to a family reunion to gather some leaves.

uses for mullein, mullein leaves

We harvested a lot of leaves so we can have them through the winter. My brother (@lifeandlibertytactical) has asthma, and said he would be willing to try a tea blend to see if it helps him.

How to dry mullein

I dried the mullein leaves in my oven simply by turning on the oven light and leaving them in the oven for a couple of days until they were crunchy. I had more than I thought so I need to get a bigger container to store them in.

14 different uses for mullein. It has been used to treat asthma and leprosy!

Have you used mullein before? What is your favorite way to use it? Make your own mullein tea for respiratory ailments here!




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