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Ways to Use Oregano Essential Oil

Ways to Use Oregano Essential Oil

There are so many ways to use oregano essential oil, but it is often overlooked because of the smell. You guys, it smells just like the herb, and it is powerful. Oregano essential oil has antifungal, cleansing, antibacterial, and purifying properties. It also helps to stimulate the immune system and is high in antioxidants.

I used to be afraid of using oregano simply because of the smell, but now it’s one of the oils I use the most. Just be sure to always dilute oregano. And I like to wash my hands after using it because it is such a hot oil. Fun fact: oregano grows wild in the mountains of Greece, and the ancient Greeks considered oregano to be a “cure-all” for ailments. The name also means “joy of the mountains”. And since they know everything, it’s an oil you should probably have.

Ways to use Oregano Essential Oil

Here are some things oregano has been used for in the past (be sure to read our disclaimer):

  1. Oregano is anti-inflammatory and has been used by people with aching joints (sore wrists, knees, sprains, etc.) Just dilute and apply to the area with pain.
  2. Respiratory issues; traditionally oregano has been used for keeping lungs healthy and preventing coughing. I’ve used it anytime my breathing is affected in any way (stuffy nose, etc).
  3. Apply to warts
  4. Use on mouth sores
  5. Gargle one drop of oregano in water for scratchy throat
  6. Dilute and use on fungal skin problems
  7. Dilute and apply for tooth pain
  8. In the past oregano was used to bring down fever
  9. Has been used to aid digestion
  10. Diffuse to cleanse the air
  11. Has been used to relieve itchy skin
  12. Use on acne/breakouts (dilute of course—and you can blend with melaleuca)
  13. Add to bath/foot bath when feeling sick to relieve body aches

What do you use oregano essential oil for?


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