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What you need to bring home chicks

What you need to bring home chicks

I’ve been MIA lately due to school (which I am currently procrastinating as I write this), but I just wanted to let the world know that I BOUGHT CHICKS.

 16 of them to be exact. Do I need 16? Time will tell. We got 8 buff Orpingtons, 4 barred rock, and 4 Rhode island red. If you follow me on the Insta you’ve already seen photos, but you know.

Caeden keeps asking, “Why are they so cute?” and all I can say is, “I don’t know”. and then I think, “Just wait until we get ducks…” I was so nervous to bring home chicks, but I found out that you only need a few basic necessities to provide for them.

What you need to bring home chicks

 I had them in a big plastic tub, but it got too small really quick. Then I transferred them to an old calf water trough I found in the barn and just put an old screen from our old windows on top to keep them from flying out. I am never throwing anything away ever again, because really, I have found SO MANY useful things from “junk”.

What you need to bring home chicks

There are just a few things you need to get started with chickens:

  1. something to keep them in

  2. pine shavings (some people use dirt and then just throw it in the compost pile when they clean it out)

  3. water feeder (cuz if you put in a dish they will get cold and die or drown…and die.)

  4. heat lamp with bulb

  5. chick feeder

I added a chunk of dirt (they were afraid of it at first), and a couple of sticks for roosts and now I”m their best friend. That’s mostly a lie, they give zeros cares that I am there. Maybe I should go out and hold them more…anyway, you can check out our coop tour here!

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