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Get ethically sourced, pure essential oils from DoTerra, and learn how to use them with me!

“We each have the innate ability to heal ourselves. To empower ourselves with natural solutions. There’s a time and a place for pharmaceuticals, but it shouldn’t be the first answer, nor the only form of treatment.” -Dana Arcuri

Can I get an amen, please? Such truth, and such sense in those words! Let me just say that I believe in modern medicine, but I’m also a firm believer that we literally can’t afford to leave all of our care in the hands of doctors. Who honestly has the money for that? This is why I love essential oils–they close the gap between home care and healthcare. Essential oils are a part of my everyday life and I want them to be part of yours too. They are so powerful and empowering and with help from myself and our private, members-only group you can learn to use these oils for you and your family.

Guys, I was one of those people who really liked essential oils but thought I could still get cheap, high-quality oils from Amazon, the grocery store, and smaller sites. I will be the first to tell you that I was so wrong. I got tired of spending money on oils that didn’t work, spending money on oils that were diluted, and spending money on oils that I couldn’t use internally or for cooking.

I finally decided that I would join DoTerra to get their oils into my home so I would know that I was getting amazing quality, every time I ordered. When I get my oils now I know that they were ethically sourced, I know that there are no synthetics, no fillers or additives, and no chemicals–I’m getting the pure, ethical oil, every time. You can read some more frequently asked questions about DoTerra here.

A few quick facts about the wholesale account:

  • You get 25-55% off of all of DoTerra’s products (not just oils!)
  • No monthly ordering (this is amazing! You still get the benefits of the account, but you can start or stop at any time–you are not required to order anything to keep your account!)
  • No selling required–if you’re looking to sell oils then you’ll want to go here or email me at folkandco @
  • You can get 10-30% of what you spend back in product points–you can use this to get free product

About our starter kits:

Each starter kit comes with 10 essential oils/blends:

  • Frankincense (Yes, the baby Jesus oil and the big 15 mL bottle has a $93 value! This alone is worth the purchase of a kit)
  • Melalueca (aka tea tree oil, great for all the bug bites/skin issues)
  • Lavender (15 uses for lavender here)
  • Lemon (I use this one the most; for cleaning, in my water, for skin support)
  • Peppermint (also excellent for a million things like head tension and seasonal support)
  • Oregano (often overlooked, but so powerful for so many things!)
  • Digestzen (digestion support blend)
  • Breathe (respiratory support blend)
  • On Gaurd (protective immune support blend)
  • Deep Blue (muscle support blend)

Family Essentials kit: $150 | Save $50 | Includes all 10 oils in the small 5 mL bottles as well as peppermint and On Gaurd “beadlets”–tiny veggie capsules with a drop of oil in them

Home Essentials kit: $275 | Save $90 | Includes all 10 oils in the big 15 mL bottles and a diffuser

With these oils, a little goes a long way–I use essential oils daily and these oils have lasted me longer than any other brand because they actually work.

When you join you’ll also get:

When you join as a wholesale customer with me, you’ll also get a few additional perks:

  • A welcome package from me (includes a little surprise for you!)
  • Access to our members-only group on Facebook with over 1,000 members for oil education and support–seriously, you can type in “cough” in the search bar and get a bunch of different options!
  • Email/message support from me when you need it <3

You deserve this. You deserve the best. You deserve DoTerra.

How to open a wholesale account:

    1. Click this link (
    2. Click “join and save”, then scroll down and click “join”
    3. Select “wholesale customer”
    4. Follow the prompts and order a starter kit (the most budget friendly is the family essentials kit, but I started with the home essentials kit and highly recommend it if possible)

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