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Find your wild. A kinda hippie, kinda witchy, well-being and essential oil site for free spirits.

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love wild tribe

tribe. (noun); a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest.


welcome to the wild. explore doterra with us.

I started my doTERRA journey mid-December 2016. Closing out the end of one year and entering another. A year later, I created a community called Love Wild Tribe for our members to find easily communicate with and find each other. There have been some who have come and gone, but most of us are still here. Though most of us have never met in real life, the ‘best friends on the internet’ connection is strong. In the future, we would love to create retreats where we can come and learn from each other. Though we are all different, these are some of the things that we hold in common:



We are a tribe that leads with love and seeks understanding. In this tribe, you’re not just customers. You are our friends. You are our family. You are part of this community and we value you and want to help you reach your goals and support you where we can, even outside of doTERRA. Our love does not end with oils.


We stand strong in our own truths and health values. We understand that not everyone feels the same way as we do. We have the courage and confidence to stand in our truth without diminishing your truth.



“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” 
― Maya Angelou

We openly embrace and welcome those who are different than us; we are all humans regardless of gender, sexual preference, skin color, or whatever else people get offended by these days. We want you here. Your unique experiences and perspectives are what give this tribe life.


We are more than just essential oils (we have other products too!) and we encourage finding what works for you and your family. Outside of doTERRA’s products, we love discovering and learning about different types of healing and ways of living; crystals, herbs, tarot, food as medicine, gardening, homeschooling…basically, everything. We love discovering how you live and how you love. We love discovering you.


Anyone is welcome to follow our public Instagram community over @lovewildtribe. If you’re looking to join our oily humanhood, then details are below!