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Find your wild. A kinda hippie, kinda witchy, well-being and essential oil site for free spirits.

welcome to Folk & Co. | tree hugger. earth lover. wild mother

healing from the roots.


the Free your magic circle

A baby Facebook group (we are just starting out) where we can just like, connect with like-minded humans; if you love nature in any form and essential oils, then come join us!

the podcast

A kinda hippie, kinda witchy, well-being and essential oil podcast so you can learn about essential oils and wild wellness on the go!

The starter kits

I am what I call an “essential oil guide” which is a fancy word I made up for “doTERRA Wellness advocate.” Basically, I can help you get your hands on the best essential oils you’ve ever tried.



Rewilding is technically a term used in conservation; meaning to restore the land to it’s natural state…but we can do the same thing with ourselves. We can reconnect with nature and return ourselves to our natural state; our wild, by aligning our inner beings.


love your mother.

I live in the suburbs of KCMO, but I grew up in Utah surrounded by mountains. I’d skip out on my college classes to go hiking, run out of anatomy to watch the sun set…you know. Very responsible things. I was given a chance to raise monarchs while living in the country—and while I don’t get out into the wilderness as often as I like, there are still little things we can do every week to show love and appreciation to our mother. Earth day should be every day.

in the wild i am home with the mountains in my bones.
— @folkandco

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